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IT'S BACK - One week only, June 24-30

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It's one of the most popular movies we've ever shown, and now it's back for one more high-flying week!

Topping off his career as a test pilot (while avoiding promotions that would have grounded him), Maverick is called back to Top Gun to teach new young pilots to fly a dangerous mission from which some may not return.

CAST: Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer

Action / adventure

128 mins

RATED: PG-13 for intense action sequences and brief language




Nightly:  7:30 pm


Saturday, June 25 -4:00
Sunday June 26- 1:30

All dates are subject to change

 Coming July 1st!
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Coming soon
Subject to change

Coming soon
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Coming soon
(Subject to change)

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