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This page contains pictures taken from 2006 to 2011. (Yes, we need to get busier with the camera!)

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Some of the crew after enjoying a movie, summer 2006. L-R: Lynde Fitterer, Molly Mellbom, Becky Roll, Alex Matteson.

Kristi Lee, Lynn Blakesley and Tonya Wetherelt visit at the concession stand, September 2006

Becky Roll already having a good time before even going to the dance! With Nathan Satran and Roxy worker Alex Matteson.

Scott Lee and Darcie Trieble, Prom 2006.

The Roxy crew (except Scott) with their prom dates, April 1, 2006

Debbie Bell (L) and Molly Mellbom did our janitorial duties in 2005-2006.

2005 crew photo. L-R: Scott Lee, Alex Matteson, Lynde Fitterer, Nichole Pellant, Becky Roll. Photo taken at the Top That Eatery in Forsyth.

A shot from our crew appreciation party in early 2006. L-R: Becky Roll, Scott Lee, Molly Mellbom, Lynn Blakesley, Alex Matteson, Mike Blakesley, Lynde Fitterer, Nichole Pellant

The 2006 "Roxy Girls" on the way to the Prom. L-R: Molly Mellbom, Becky Roll, Nichole Pellant, Lynde Fitterer, Alex Matteson. Alex was crowned Prom Queen later that night.

Becky Roll and Nichole Pellant, Christmas season 2005

Our 2006/7 crew during our photo session.  These pictures were taken at Marcyes Park, fall 2006.

L-R: Tim Anderson, Nichole Pellant, Scott Lee, Lynde Fitterer, Kristi Lee

A little upside-down fun on the jungle gym.

Our official 2006-2007 crew photo.

L-R: Nichole Pellant, Scott Lee, Lynde Fitterer, Kristi Lee, Tim Anderson. Not pictured: Tonya Wetherelt

Our 2006-2007 crew got together for a photo at the FHS prom.

Crew members with dates heading for Snowball in December, 2006.

 L-R:  (?), Scott Lee, Nichole Pellant, (?), Kristi Lee, Dylan Klapmeier, Lynde Fitterer, Jimmy Waller

Alex Matteson stops by for a visit while home from college, Dec. 2006

Nichole Pellant and Tim Anderson share some Roxy love, summer 2007

 We ran the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie for the 2011 graduating class. That's Alex Matteson showing off our cool banner.



This page contains pictures we've collected over the years of our crew members. We don't have statistics from before 1979, but since March of that year, over 50 different high school students have worked for us.