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Paper Souvenirs

This page contains old tickets, a few pictures, and some other oldies but goodies we think you'll enjoy. We're always on the lookout for more, so if you find something interesting about the Roxy in an old desk drawer, contact us so we can add it to our collection!

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Pen and ink drawing of the Roxy by Shari Nickisch Suek.  Shari worked at the Roxy in the mid-80s. She did this drawing in 1989 in her high school art class. She is now married and living in Dutton, Montana.

Shari captured the Roxy "warts and all," as you can see by looking at the broken-out portion of the wall on the upper right. This was caused by a Forsyth Christmas decoration that was attached to the theatre and pulled loose after a heavy storm. (The area has been repaired since then.)  The large ROXY letters above the marquee disappeared when we restored the projection booth windows in 1990.

Thanks, Shari for sending us this great drawing!

 Early Roxy tickets. No date available, but they're personalized with the theatre name so we're guessing these are from the 1940s or earlier.


 An early complimentary ticket, from the 1940s or 1930s. The name on the ticket is "Mr. & Mrs. Blakesley" and the signature is that of Minnie Wolke, sister of the Roxy's original co-owner Frank Faust.

This is the oldest Roxy ticket we have, from early 1933.


 A 1958 complimentary ticket. Take note that the ticket says "Any Wednesday starting Nov. 12, 1958." This ticket was brought in to us on a Wednesday night...in 2001! When we say our free tickets don't expire, we mean it!


 Invitation to our remodeling party, sent out in April of 1983. (The "special movie" was Tootsie, starring Dustin Hoffman.)

CLICK HERE to go to that party!


 Thank-you note received from Montana governor Judy Martz after we hosted her staff during the Capital For a Day event, held in Forsyth on July 17, 2002.


Letter from United States Senator Max Baucus, received by Mike Blakesley on the occasion of his winning the Forsyth Area Chamber of Commerce "Business of the Year" award for 1995.


The Roxy crew (plus some friends) went rafting on the Gallatin River in this mid-90s photo. Left to right: Mike Blakesley, Shayla Luhman, guide (name unknown), Molly Scheidt, Shanna Clifford, Keith Raymond