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The Roxy's new seats - 2004

In 2002, with great fanfare, we installed the seats shown at the left. Unfortunately, they did not work out for us. The problems mostly had to do with the sightlines -- the seats were not designed with enough of an offset from row to row to allow people to see around the people in front of them. After a long period of trying to figure out what to do, we decided it would be in our best long-term interest to "bite the bullet" and replace the seats again...so in 2004, we put these seats up for sale and replaced them with the best chairs the Roxy has had yet!


August 25, 2004: The old seats are disassembled and stacked in the aisles for removal.

New seats in boxes are waiting to be installed while Ryan Stauffer of CLACO Equipment and Service (in gray shirt) takes the old seats apart.

August 26: After the seats were removed, we installed new flooring. Installer, Brad Matteson discusses the job with Ray Deering, one of our best friends who helps us out with many of our projects.
Cushions and backs are gone; all that's left are the standards. These seats were put into storage and will eventually be sold to another theatre.
The seats are all in pieces and ready to be taken to storage. Once they are out of the way, the floor will be scrubbed and the new linoleum will be laid before the new seats are installed.
  Forsyth FFA chapter members, along with their advisor George Simmons (in green shirt) helped us haul our old seats to storage. It took 8 pickup-loads in all. A special thanks to this hard-working group for getting this job done for us in only 55 minutes!

August 27: Three rows installed, only 11 more to go! Our new seats have lounger backs; deeper cupholders; better quality construction; wider Tempur-Pedic foam cushions; and five more inches of legroom in every row. You won't believe the amount of space you'll now have to stretch out in!

Interesting trivia fact: The seats in the Roxy weigh a total of five tons (10,000 pounds).

Pieces of seats are ready to be installed in the balcony.

One of the "old" armrests can be seen still standing in the foreground. Our new balcony seats have better aisle lights than our previous models, to help you find your way down the stairs.

Balcony seat installation in progress. Our new balcony seats have an aisle light at the end of every row, compared with every 2nd row on the previous seats.

The balcony was reopened on September 18, 2004, approximately three weeks after the main floor was completed.
The finishing touch: Our new flower arrangements will change with the seasons. These new silk arrangements replaced our 12-year-old phony potted plants.

All done! I would like to thank the following specialists for help with this project:

  • Dennis, Vince, Ryan, Mark and Cherise from CLACO Equipment and Service for all their expertise and hard work
  • Brad Matteson and Christa Sorenson of The Gallery for flooring sales and installation, and John Kehler of Shine & Glo for helping us out on short notice
  • George Simmons and the Forsyth FFA Chapter for help with moving the old seats
  • Ray Deering for giving us more help than we ever deserved
  • Karla Salsbery for doing our silk foliage arrangements in the balcony
  • And last but not least, my loving wife Lynn for putting up with me and not having a nervous breakdown.