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From the Forsyth Independent, October, 1953

ABOUT THIS ARTICLE: This article documents the installation of the CinemaScope picture format at the Roxy. Until the early 1950s, most movies had an image area that was nearly square in shape. In answer to the growing threat of TV, the movie industry came up with the CinemaScope process, which made the picture much wider than that available on a TV screen. The process is deceptively simple: The secret is in the lenses used in filming and projection of the pictures. During filming, the image is compressed horizontally, so that it can fit into the same size film as before. Then, during projection, the image is uncompressed, resulting in a gloriously wide picture that was the talk of the town in those days.

As amazing as this development was, the theatre owners couldn't resist making it sound just a little better yet, by claiming that CinemaScope had "three dimensional" properties. This of course, was just not true. However, the format that caused such a stir in 1953 is still in use today, and around half of the movies we present are shown in the CinemaScope format.

An extensive remodeling program is now in progress at the Roxy Theatre in Forsyth, operated by Faust & Wolke. Carl H. Anderson of the Harvey Theatre Construction Co. of San Francisco, Calif., is in charge of the work which is being performed by the contracting firm of Brockelhurst & Morrison of this city.

Work started on Tuesday morning. The first project is the removal of the iron pillars which held up the balcony, and replacing them with an over-head steel beam. The iron posts obstruct the view of patrons in the rows of seats in the sections at the rear of the theatre.

The concession stand, now in the lobby of the theatre, will be removed to the foyer, where a modern booth will be installed in the center of the foyer, by removing the last two rows of seats in the center section.

The big project, however, will be the complete remodeling of the front or stage end of the theatre, in preparation for the installation of a wide panoramic screen, which will be 30 feet wide and 16 feet high - just about twice the width of the present theatre screen, which is 14 x 16 feet. This screen, when installed, will accommodate regular motion pictures, as now projected, and also the new Cinemascope method of projection, wherein the illusion of three dimensions, height, width and depth will be realistically placed before the audience without the use of colored glasses or anything other than normal vision. It is the last word in the new three dimension method of presenting motion pictures - the same method as was employed at the initial and phenomenal showing of "The Robe," which has been widely acclaimed the world over. Two and one half times as much subject matter is projected on the new wide screens as is seen on the ordinary movie screen. Incidentally "The Robe" will be presented by the Roxy late next spring.

The lens used in Cinemascope projection on the wide panoramic screen are in very short supply at the present time, but are on order, and the installation will be made at the earliest possible moment.

The management of the Roxy theatre is to be commended and complimented in their effort to provide Forsyth and community the very best and latest in motion picture entertainment. No expense is being spared to make the installation in the Roxy among the best in the state and theatre goers may be assured of a continuation of the latest and best in screen entertainment.

The remodeling work at the theatre will be completed in about three weeks time, but operation of the theatre will continue on schedule with as little inconvenience to patrons as possible under the circumstances.