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Billings Gazette column by Addison Bragg about projectionists. (This article has nothing to do with the Roxy but it's great reading!)

2001 article from the Independent Press about "Victims' Benefit Day at the Movies," an event to help victims of the 9/11 attacks

Cherie Heser's column from an August 1990 issue of the Independent-Enterprise on our 60th Anniversary film series

Information from the Forsyth Historical and Architectural Inventory conducted in 1988. Contains a thorough physical description of the Roxy by architectural historian Mark Hufstetler

Article from the Hysham Echo in April 2002 on the occasion of the Roxy's latest remodeling project.

Ron Mogen, who did many carpentry jobs for the Roxy, is shown installing the new windows above the marquee, in 1990. (Our first 60th Anniversary film, "Casablanca," started playing the day after "Dick Tracy" ended.)

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A San Diego newspaper reporter interviews Mike Blakesley briefly at the ShoWest convention

Excerpt from Independent Press article about the 2004 Chamber Community Awards.

Forsyth High School's FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America) pose with Roxy owner Mike Blakesley after the theatre donated matinee ticket sales to the group's fundraising drive. Some of the Roxy's employees are FCCLA members.

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December 2004 article about Forsyth kids discovering the magic of Christmas through a special matinee at the Roxy.

2005 Independent Press article about our Star Wars Episode III midnight show -- our first midnight show ever

May 2012 picture from the Independent Press in Forsyth on opening night of "The Avengers"

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associated with this photo