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from the Forsyth Independent, May 12, 1983

These pictures, and the accompanying text, appeared on a full page of the Forsyth Independent the week after our Grand Opening in May, 1983. The article was written by Brad Matteson.

The Friday night Grand Opening at the Roxy Theatre was a "night to remember" for the owners, Mike Blakesley and Tom Clifford. Well over 100 people attended the affair that included champagne, wine, beer, a buffet table and the newest product for the avid moviegoer, Nachos.

The interior of the Roxy was impressive to say the least as the new decorative wall drapes and lighting, plus lighted runners down the aisles added to the impressive scenario.

The movie, "Tootsie," couldn't have been a better opening for the grand old establishment. That is, unless E. T. could have landed and enjoyed the comfortable seats along with the rest of the patrons. Blakesley and Clifford were decked out in their Sunday best and did a good job of hosting Friday night. Jack Clifford will be endeared in the hearts of many for keeping a smile on his face and everybody else's by keeping their glasses full during the occasion.

The Forsyth Independent would like to extend its congratulations to the new generation of owners, Mike Blakesley and Tom Clifford, on a job well done and wish them the best of luck in the future and with their partnership.


A casual atmosphere and plenty to eat and drink marked the grand opening of the Roxy Theatre Friday night.

Neil Weber and Jill Browning take in the view as the guests arrive for the big night at the Roxy Theatre. Both took care of the buffet tables and the popular Nachos stand, the latest concession addition to the Roxy. (Note: Nachos proved to be somewhat less than popular, and were removed from the menu less than a year later.)

Tom Clifford plays bartender at the buffet table.

Jack Clifford keeps the good times coming for Dick Gonzales

Neil Weber and Jill Browning man the Nachos concession, doing a little taste testing at the same time.