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from the San Diego Union-Tribune, March 1995 ~ By Arthur Salm

About this article:  In 1995, I went for the first time to the NATO/ShoWest convention in Las Vegas. ShoWest is the world's largest gathering of movie theatre owners, film company people, industry vendors, and movie stars. The purpose of the convention: To showcase the upcoming films from the major studios, and also to display the latest and greatest in cinema equipment, not only for the projection booth but also for the auditorium and concession stand.

The convention annually attracts over 5000 attendees. It is held at two giant Las Vegas hotels: Bally's, and Paris.

One day of ShoWest, I was walking through the trade show when a reporter stopped me and asked where I was from. We began talking about the small-town theatre business, and the result was the short article pictured above. Within a week of the article appearing in the San Diego Union-Tribune, I received copies of it in the mail from people all the way from San Diego to Pennsylvania. Some came from relatives; and others came from former Forsythians who just happened to spot the article about their old hometown. I received eight copies in all. So you can really tell, it's a small world out there!