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MORE PICTURES AT THESE LINKS!    1961    1955    1970s aerial

The well-worn pictures on this page were found by my mother when she was cleaning out her basement.
They were in a pile of "stuff" which belonged to my grandfather, Glen Blakesley.
We don't know who the photographer is on any of these.

This is the 900 block of Main Street.  The shortest building in the picture is the current Lariat Bar building.  The next two buildings on its right were removed in 1930 to make way for the Roxy Theatre. At the time of this picture, movies were being shown in the "Lincoln Paramount" theatre which was located in the building just to the right of the power pole in this photo.

This is the middle of the 800 block in 1916.  The building farthest to the left is now occupied by the Hong Kong Restaurant. 

This picture shows the 1000 block of Main Street and was taken not long after the courthouse was built. The street running across the foreground is 10th avenue. The lumber yard in the center is called H.M. Allen Co. and was later rebuilt (or enlarged) and called Thompson Yards, and later still it became United Building Center. Van's IGA occupies the space now. The large building on the opposide side of the courthouse is a school.

Looking north on 9th Avenue.  People who say nothing ever changes in Forsyth should see this picture!  Take note, the streets aren't paved; there are no street lights yet; and the major building on the west corner hasn't been built yet.  The Alexander Hotel (on right) was built early in the century.