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The four pictures on this page were taken by my dad, Bruce Blakesley, during the 1955 Forsyth Horse Show parade.
(What's amazing to me is how many people came out to watch the parade, compared to today's crowds!)
Since I don't know who any of the people are in these pictures, I'll talk a little about the buildings.

This is the 900 block of Main Street.  You can see the Roxy in the middle of the picture, looking pretty much the same in 1955 as it looks today!  The Lefty's Bar building eventually became Range Telephone and is now a private residence. The drug store was eventually called Yellowstone Pharmacy. 

This picture, taken from the corner of 9th and Main looking east, shows a lot of Forsyth that is gone today. In the background, the GTA Elevator can be seen. The white building with rounded corners was the United Building Center, a lumber yard. The buildings on the corner of 10th and Main across from the Roxy hadn't been constructed yet, and First State Bank (known then as Forsyth State Bank) was in a building on 9th Avenue, since its Main Street location was still several years in the future.

A closer look at some of the 900 block buildings.  Note also the cool old fashioned street lights -- one can be seen just above the horse's head.

We'd love to know the identities of any of the people in these photos, so if you know anyone please let us know.

A great view of the 800 block of Main. The tops of the buildings are largely unchanged today. In 1955, Forsyth had several clothing stores, two of which are visible here.