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HISTORIC FORSYTH PICTURES - 1961 (page 2 of 2)

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These pictures were given to me by Albert Martens, but he didn't know who took them. They
were all taken on a winter day in 1961. 

This is a great picture of the Alexander building. Forsyth had two major hotels in the early days, The Alexander and the Commercial (which later became the Hotel Howdy). They were operated by two rival businessmen. The Alexander was later renamed the Joseph. Forsyth Drug and Tillitt Insurance occupied space in the building as well. The hotel lobby also served as the Greyhound Bus Depot for many years. 

This is the corner of 10th and Main, and shows the east side of the Roxy building. (Unfortunately, whoever took this series of pictures forgot to take any of the Roxy itself!) The gas station, which has the same building style as the Roxy, was built in 1931, a year after the Roxy was completed. It became a Texaco station sometime in the 1960s.

This is the lumber yard which occupied the area where Van's IGA is located today. Thompson Yards later became part of the now-defunct United Building Center chain.

The Forsyth train depot still stands today, but the area in front of it is now occupied by First State Bank. Notice the train in the background; that's the North Coast Hiawatha, Northern Pacific's passenger train, complete with a Vista Dome car. NP ran two or three passenger trains a day through Forsyth until ceasing passenger service in the late '60s.

Another view of the rail yard in 1961. First State Bank stands in the area between the two cottonwood trees today.