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Valley Auto's Lionel Train layout 1997
We've been putting up a Lionel train layout in Valley Auto every year since about 1980.  Our layout looks completely different now than it did in these 1997 pictures, which we found recently.  Be sure to check out the more recent layout pictures by clicking the links below.

Other layout pictures:    2003   2004   2005   2006

When we built our first layout in 1980, we used it to promote Christmas sale merchandise. Originally, we stacked plastic totes and placed the plywood on top -- not very sturdy, and derailments were common. In 1991, Ray Deering built the benchwork, which was sturdy, could be taken apart for storage, and resulted in a more solid railroading surface.

In around 1994, Ray began constructing the model buildings you can see at the bottom right corner of this picture.

LEFT: The engine seen here is a model of a Northern Pacific "Northern" type, cab #2626.  The real 2626 came through Forsyth at least once during the 1950s. Our model engine was damaged when it fell off the table in 2004, so we don't use it anymore.

RIGHT: Some of our oldest pieces of equipment: The General engine and cars from 1959, and the pre-WWII crane.

Ray Deering working on track.

A view of Ray's model buildings, built in 1994 to 1997

Ray works on a small loop of track under the main table. We ran trains under the table for several years.