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Valley Auto's Lionel train layout - 2003
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When the Valley Auto building was constructed in 1950, the storefront consisted completely of windows. For the first few years, we placed our train layout in the middle of those windows on a couple of sheets of plywood. In the late 1980s, we filled in most of the storefront and installed smaller windows, and so the train layout was moved over to the northeast corner of the store in order to be visible through the remaining display windows. It remained in that location for at least 10 years.

In 2003, we moved the layout from its familiar location in the corner back to its original spot and expanded it, making the layout over 30 feet wide for the first time.

This view shows our depot building (a kit from Lionel) and a mix of various other structures. We purchased new track in 2003 to allow for the smaller curves at the ends of the layout, and we also added the double crossover pictured here.

While the crossover isn't an item you'll see on real railroads very often, it allows us to move trains from one track to the other easily.

This picture shows one of our newer engines, a Lionel Century Celebration "Baby" Hudson. You can also see some of the downtown buildings, including the scale model of the Roxy Theatre, all of which were scratch-built by Ray Deering. Ray also built the water tower out of a cardboard tube and a pile of balsa wood. The grain elevator building is a Lionel kit.

Here's "the train that started it all," the 1957 General steamer that used to run around the Christmas tree at Blakesley's Cigar Store. This train will be 50 years old in 2009. It usually makes at least a week's worth of appearances on our layout each season.

This year we started collecting the Lemax series of ceramic village buildings. Lemax buildings are unique because many of them contain picture windows, enabling you to see a scene inside the structure.

Thanks to some smart shopping by my mother-in-law, our building collection expanded after this Christmas season -- she found a clearance sale.  This enabled us to nearly double our collection of Lemax buildings for our 2004 layout!

This view of our Lemax village area shows two trains passing each other on the layout. Due to the seasonal nature of our layout, we can't get too complicated with scenery. You also won't see any complicated railroad switching maneuvers going on.  Our aim is just to run the trains and enjoy watching them, which is why this picture shows an 1880-era passenger train passing a 1950-era freight train!

We started collecting the Department 56 North Pole Village series of buildings in 2000. These buildings are more intricate in design than the Lemax buildings. This area is our idea of what the North Pole might look like -- complete with Santa's red-roofed house near the top of the mountain. The smaller building on the right is entitled "Loading the Sleigh," which features a handcar with two elves pumping a load of gifts back and forth. That handcar's got some miles on it!

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