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BULK POPCORN from the Roxy

Looking to add the best snack ever to your party?  Look no further than freshly popped popcorn from the Roxy!

We pop it to your order, we don't give you "stored" popcorn that was made last week.

Our popcorn is lightly salted when it's made, but you can request it to be unsalted if you like.

For large orders, please give us a 24 hour advance notice.  For just a bag or two, call us anytime the theatre is open and we'll fix you up.  (We're open most evenings, from about 7pm till about 9:30.)  You can also email us an order at roxy@rangeweb.net.

-  PRICES  -

King-size bag (510 oz)

Family size bag (170 oz)

Single-serving bag (32 oz)
$3.00 (not pictured)

10 single-serving bags  -  $25.00

CONTACT US to order now!