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ROXY CREW LISTING (Updated 0/19/2017)
This is a fairly complete list of Roxy crew members from 1967 to the present. We'd like to fill in more names from the past, so if you have anything to add to this list (or can fill in any of the blanks below), please contact us.

The "Spouse" column bears some explanation. If we know the name of the crew member's current spouse, it is listed. If we know the crew member is married or engaged but don't know the significant other's name, then the word "Married" or "Engaged" appears. And if a question mark appears in a space, it means we have no current information. 

The "Roxy Year" column is the year we estimate the person began to work for the Roxy. If these dates are wrong, at least they are probably fairly close.

In the "Name" column, women are referred to by the name they had when they started working for us. For women who are divorced or widowed but still using their married surname, we include that name in the list if we know it. An asterisk (*) means the person is part of our current crew.





Dennis Tillitt ? ? Projectionist

Dan Meisburger Donna Kimball 1967 Projectionist

San Jose, CA
Tom Miars   1969 Projectionist

Jim Miars   1974 Projectionist

Billings, MT
Jim Borer   1977 Projectionist

Billings, MT
Rex Warfield ? 1977 Projectionist

Mark Fjelstad   1977 Projectionist

Michelle Mogen John Phelan 1978 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Jill Browning Chip Korenek  1979 Concessions Denver, CO
Marty Davis   1978 Projectionist Portland, OR
Jay Clark ? 1978 Projectionist ?
Darren Lopez   1980 Ticket taker, marquee Helena, MT
Milinda Mogen Rich Palmershein 1980 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Joyce Risse   1980 Concessions Virginia(?)
Kym Chessmore Darryl Brown 1980 Ticket taker, Marquee Austin, TX
Mary Fahrenbruck   1981 Concessions Tucson, AZ
Ericka Swanson Jim Brandt 1981 Concessions Centennial, CO
Tammie Sherman (Married) 1982 Concessions Colorado
Mellani Sausedo

John Reece



 Billings, MT
Charla McVay ? 1983 Concessions Idaho (?)
Thea Hekkel Cliff Kane 1981 Concessions Jacksonville, FL
Nikki Walter Dave Fenner 1981 Concessions New Jersey
Mary Hekkel John Stark 1984 Concessions Ballantine, MT
Clarisse Coate (Married) 1984 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Sandra Blakesley Maciroiski Tim Macioroski 1986 Concessions Forsyth
Shari Nickisch Greg Suek 1988 Concessions Valier, MT
Diane Eve Mike Southworth 1986 Concessions/Asst Manager Spokane, WA
Heather DeCock   1986 Concessions Billings, MT
Reena Gilje Mike Blackwell 1984 Concessions Mandan, ND
Darren Herman Patti Herman 1988 Marquee changer, Custodian Billings, MT
Neil Weber Vanessa Weber 1988 Ticket taker, marquee changer San Jose, CA
Yvonne Garrett   1988 Concessions Denver, CO
Chelsi Flateland ? 1990 Concessions ?
Rachael Hansmeyer ? 1990 Concessions ?
Kim Howe Chris Beams 1991 Concessions Seattle, WA
Laurie Smith Jeff Keller 1991 Concessions Billings, MT
Ginger Smith        1993 Concessions Denver, CO
Gina Clifford Rob Sorenson 1992 Concessions Forsyth
Sherri Brunner Johnny Forsythe 1993 Concessions Minnesota
Heather Cope Travis Heindl 1993 Concessions Billings, MT
Alisa Propp Dawson Blandford 1994 Concessions Pflugerville, Texas
Tracy Kautzman Zane McCausland 1988 Concessions Mountain Home, ID
Andi Schulenberg   1990 Concessions Sheridan, WY
Keely Strong Paul Staub 1989 Concessions Billings, MT
Shana Meredith (Married) 1995 Concessions Bozeman
Megan Taylor (Married) 1996 Concessions Washington, DC
Sonja Kirkaldie   1997 Concessions Forsyth
Heidi Harrington   1997 Concessions Forsyth
Molly Scheidt Steve Fay 1997 Concessions Forsyth
Shanna Clifford Matt Tourtlotte 1994 Concessions Billings, MT
Jamie Lange Mikel Garcia 1998 Concessions Tempe, Arizona
Shayla Luhman Forest Plympton 1998 Concessions Colstrip, MT
Laura Youngbauer Philip Keating 1996 Concessions Missoula, MT
Whitnee Robinson (Married) 1998 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Melissa Salsbery Mike MacGregor 1998 Concessions/Asst Manager Forsyth
Tiffany Wildman

Rich Slayton

Billings, MT
Mandie Haselhuhn (Married) 1998 Concessions Billings, MT
April Maciag   1999 Concessions Florida
Kim Hein (Engaged) 2000 Concessions Dallas, TX
Miranda Salsbery Colin Fitterer 2000 Concessions/Asst Manager Billings, MT
Melissa Leonhardt   2001 Concessions, Custodian Burlington, WY
Jessica Bell Tyson Mower 2002 Concessions Provo, UT
Kirstin Leonhardt (Married) 2003 Custodian Bozeman, MT
Stuart Deering   2003 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Beth Roll George Caldwell 2002 Concessions Billings, MT
Spencer Turner Clint Urvand 2002 Concessions Layton, UT
Lindsay Nansel (Married) 2003 Concessions Hermiston, OR
Caitlin Watson Joe Tieni 2003 Concessions Melstone, MT
Lynde Fitterer Tucker Friez 2004 Concessions Forsyth, MT
Scott Lee   2004 Concessions, Marquee, Projectionist Virginia
Alex Matteson Michael Borgos 2004,
Concessions, Assistant Manager Virginia
Jimmy Waller (Married) 2004 Concessions Missoula, MT
* Ruthie Johnson Rusty Johnson  2004 Assistant Manager Forsyth
Molly Mellbom Cameron Long 2005 Custodian Portland, OR
Debbie Bell Gene Bell 2005 Custodian Forsyth
Nichole Pellant   2005 Concessions California
Becky Roll   2005 Concessions Butte, MT
Tim Anderson Ida Anderson 2006 Concessions Norway
Tonya Wetherelt   2006 Concessions Forsyth
Kristi Lee   2006 Concessions Colorado
Tracy Martens Scott Klein 1984,
2006, 2010
Concessions (1984), Custodian (2006), Assistant Manager (2010) Forsyth
Dylan Klapmeier Alex Klapmeier 2007 Concessions, Marquee Helena, MT
Haley Kuntz Jeff Morales 2007 Concessions Billings, MT
Derek Livermont   2007 Concessions, Projectionist South Dakota
Ashton Solecki   2008 Concessions Somewhere in Washington
Andrew Buck   2009 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Taylor Grogan   2010 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Nathan Brelje   2010 Concessions ?
Andrea Engle   2010 Concessions Bismarck, ND
Maddy Klapmeier   2010 Concessions, Marquee Missoula, MT
* BreeAnn Purkett Chris Purkett 2009 Custodian Forsyth
TJ Rhodes   2011 Concessions Boise, ID
Amber Giesick   2011 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Kaylee Knoche   2011 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Taylor French   2011 Concessions Annapolis, MD
Hailey Blackwell   2012 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Dalaney Purkett   2012 Concessions Billings, MT
Sidney Grogan   2012 Concessions Seattle WA
Alyssa Brewer   2012 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Annalea Engle   2012 Concessions Forsyth
Morgan Mavity   2013 Marquee, Concessions Forsyth
Kami Kraus   2013 Concessions Billings, MT
Aeriel Martens   2013 Concessions Bozeman, MT
Logan Kuntz   2014 Ticket taker Forsyth
* Sydney Mohr   2014 Concessions Forsyth
* Paul Johnstone   2014 Concessions Forsyth
* Cade Johnstone   2014 Concessions Forsyth
Kailen Hlad   2014 Concessions Billings
* Heather Blackwell   2016 Concessions Forsyth
* Hannah Blackwell   2016 Concessions Forsyth
* Logan Martens   2016 Concessions Forsyth
* Morgan Martens   2016 Concessions Forsyth
* Reana Pederson   2016 Concessions Forsyth
* Annalee Sikes   2017 Concessions Forsyth
* Cassie Dubois   2017 Concessions Forsyth