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The movie ratings are assigned by the Classification and Rating Administration, a committee of the Motion Picture Association of America. CARA is composed of a group of people, all parents, who view each movie and then vote on the appropriate rating to be assigned. If a movie producer or distributor disagrees with the rating, an appeal can be filed, or the film can be edited and re-submitted. The rating system is a voluntary system. It is not a law. However, most theatre companies enforce the ratings when selling tickets. In fact, since the rating system was implemented in 1965, the movie industry has turned away millions of dollars in ticket sales from kids wanting to see R-rated movies. As a parent, you can use the ratings (and the rating reasons included with each rating) to determine if a film is suitable for your children to see.

G - General Audiences

The G rating means that most parents will find nothing objectionable for children in the film. However, the G rating does NOT mean that the movie in question is a kids' movie. The ratings only tell you about the content of a film; they do not address the appropriateness of the story for any particular age group.

PG - Parental Guidance Suggested - Some material may not be suitable for children

All ages are admitted to PG movies. The PG rating suggests that certain colorful words may be in the film, as well as light violence and sensuality. However, there will generally be no nudity, and the harsher words won't be included.

PG-13 - Parents strongly cautioned - Some material may not be suitable for pre-teenagers

All ages are admitted to PG-13 movies. Language can be almost anything, although you won't hear gratuitous use of sexually-derived words. Occasional "F words" may be heard, but usually not more than once and never in a sexual context. Violence can be strong, but not very graphic. Adventure scenes can be perilous and scary. "Gore" is generally light and toned-down. Approximately 70% of the movies we show carry this rating.

R - Restricted - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian

R-rated movies can contain just about anything short of graphic sex, although you usually won't see frontal below-belt nudity. Language and violence are basically unlimited. At the Roxy, we require parents or guardians to come to the boxoffice to verify that it's OK for kids under high-school age to see R-rated films. We recommend that if you want your kids to see an R-rated film, that you come to the theatre and view the movie with them. We cannot accept handwritten notes, phone calls or any other means of permission. The ratings system is a voluntary system; with the cooperation of parents, the industry hopes to keep it that way.

NC-17 - No Children Under 17 Admitted
This rating signifies that the film contains patently adult material. No children under 17 are admitted under any circumstances. (As a rule, the Roxy does not play NC-17 films.)

For more ratings information, visit these links!

www.filmratings.com - You can type in any movie title and get its rating, along with a list of the rating reasons.

www.screenit.com - This site gives every possible detail about the objectionable content of movies. (Contains spoilers, so beware!)